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聚亚特钢:496360611 聚亚特钢:496360611
UNS N08031,ALLOY31,1.4562

UNS AISI/ASTM W.Nr                    
N08031 Alloy31 1.4562                    
Alloy31 Chemical composition                
Alloy % Ni Cr Fe Mo N C Mn Si S Cu P
Alloy20Cb-3 Min. 30 26 Balance 6 0.15         1  
Max. 32 28 7 0.2 0.015 2 0.3 0.01 1.4 0.02
Alloy31 Pysical properties                    
Density 8.1 g/cm3                      
Melting point 1350-1370                      
Alloy31 minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature                
Alloy status Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation                  
Rm N/mm² RP0.2 N/mm² A5 %                  
Solution treatment 650 350 35                  

Alloy31 Characteristic as below:
Alloy31 is one kind of azotic contenting iron nichrome molybdenum alloy, the performance is situated between the super austenite stainless steel and the nickel base alloy.
Alloy31 Application field
alloy 31 suit applies in chemistry and the petroleum chemical industry, the environment project and the oil,gas,and so on industrial fields.