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UNS S31803,A182 F51,AL2205,SUS32953L,1.4462

UNS ID Trademark JIS W.Nr              
S31803 F51 AL2205 SUS32953L 1.4462              
F51 Chemical composition                  
Alloy % Ni Cr Fe Mo N C Mn Si S Cu
F51 Min. 4.5 21 Balance 2.5 0.08          
Max. 6.5 23 3.5 0.2 0.03 2 1 0.02 0.03
F51 minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature            
Alloy status Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation Brinell hardness HB              
Rm N/mm² RP0.2 N/mm² A5 %              
Solution treatment 620 450 25 290              

F51 Characteristic as below:
This alloy resists chloride environments and sulphide stress corrosion and is roughly double the strength of standard austenitic stainless steels. This alloy can be used successfully as an alternative to 300 series austenitic stainless steel in most applications where higher mechanical strength/lower weight is required. F51 is readily weldable using many of the standard electric arc welding processes but oxyacetylene welding is not recommended because carbon pickup in the weld metal may occur.
F51 Application field
Typical applications include pumps, valves, flanges and pipework with various applications in the oil & gas, chemical, power and brewing industries.