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Small Diameter Welded Stainless Steel Pipes/Tubes

Jiangsu Taicang Juya Special Steel Company specializes in steel manufacture and export&import, and it has three manufacture factories.Company combines research,manufacture with bulk sales, is one of the biggest special steel manufactures and steel pipes exporters in China. We deal with stainless steel pipes,welded pipes,forgings,flanges,bolts,valves etc.After many years’ hardwork and creative ideas, our clients are all over the world: Korea,Japan,Africa,European countries and America, and our products are thought highly of in oil,chemicals,nuclear power industry, we can provide proposals for bearing general corrosion,HTHP,and low tempreature environments.At the same time,we agent European,American stainless steel and nickel-base alloy materials,and we have established broad business relationships with many steel factories. In China, we have SS planks, welded planks and nickel alloy materials in large stock.Collectivize operation system,flexible market development ways and professional team will provide you the best service and the specialized solution.Our company deals in qualified products of various kinds, in compliance with GB,ASTM,JIS and other international standards. The main products are : 1. Stainless steel: 201、304、304L、304N、309S、321、316L、317L、310S、904L、S31803(F51)、F44、S32750、A4、17-4PH(630)、15-5PH、17-7PH(631)etc.2.Precise Alloy: 1J117、1J36 、1J79 etc.3.High temperature Alloy: GH132、GH36、GH30、GH145、GH169 etc。4、Corrosion Alloy:NS143 (Alloy 20cb3)、NS142(Incoloy 800H)、NS333(Hastelloy C)、NS334(Hastelloy C276)、NS321(Hastelloy B) etc。