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UNS S17400,17-4PH,SUS 630,1.4542

17-4PH (UNS S17400)
A Precipitation-Hardening Martensitic Stainless with High Strength and Hardness and Good Corrosion Resistance  
UNS AISI/ASTM JIS W.Nr                
S17400 630,17-4PH SUS630 1.4542                
Alloy 17-4PH (UNS S17400), Type 630, is a chromium-nickel-copper precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel with an addition of niobium. 17-4PH combines high strength and hardness with good corrosion resistance. The alloy is furnished in the solution annealed condition (Condition A). It should not be used at temperatures above 572°F (300°C)or for cryogenic service. Optimal mechanical properties can be obtained by subjecting the alloy to age hardening heat treatments. Heat treatment in the 900°F (482°C) range produces the highest strength.The corrosion resistance of Alloy 17-4PH is comparable to 304 stainless steel in most environments,and is generally superior to the 400 series stainless steels. It is used in applications where the combination of moderate corrosion resistance and unusually high strength are required. Alloy 17-4PH can be easily welded and processed by standard shop fabrication practices. It is magnetic
17-4PH Chemical composition:            
Alloy % Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si S Nb P Cu
17-4PH Min. 3 15.5 balance         0.15   3
Max. 5 17.5 0.07 1 1 0.03 0.45 0.035 5
17-4PH Physical properties            
Density 7.78/cm3                    
Melting point 1400-1440                    
17-4PH Minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature  
Status Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation HRC(HBS)              
Rm N/mm² Rp0.2 N/mm² A5 %              
480aging 1310 1180 10 40              
550aging 1060 1000 12 35              
580aging 1000 865 13 31              
620aging 930 325 16 28              
17-4PH Characteristic:                    
High strength and hardness, good welding performance and corrosion resistance         
17-7PH Application range and field                
Used in components with high strength and corroson resistance